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Meal Plans

These plans were created to allow you to pick and choose by meal, by day, or by week.  A full 7 day meal plan, including nutrition information, and the associated shopping list is included for each.  Each day's  dinner recipe can be found on the RECIPES page. 

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If you're just starting a low carb diet, you're appetite may take a few weeks to level out before you reach ketosis and become fat adapted.  During this time you may want to take in a higher number of fat grams and calories to stay satisfied.  You should never have to go hungry on a low carb diet.  Here are some options:


Once you reach a state of ketosis, your body will be using fat stores for energy rather than glucose stores.  Your energy level will be more consistent and your appetite and cravings will likely improve.  Because of this, you will likely require fewer fat grams and likely less food to stay satisfied.  Reaching ketosis can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. 

Fat Adapted

After a few weeks your body will become "fat adapted".  This means it's gotten really efficient at using fat as a fuel source.  Most people see a significant drop in their hunger at this point and following macros closely becomes more important in order to continue losing fat. This meal plan skips breakfast in order to extend the period of time that you are fasting. If you do not wish to do this, you can simply spread out the snacks or add a simple breakfast option to each day.  This is also great for people who have more weight to lose and have a higher protein macro. This plan has daily protein between 100-150 grams.

Snack List

Need snack ideas? Look no further!

Breakfast Ideas

Tired of eggs? Here are some more ideas.

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