Fast Food - Keto Style

September 22, 2017

(pictured) Wendy's Double Baconator - no bun (see below for nutrition info)


I am strict Keto meaning I don't cheat and I consume under 20 grams of carbs/day. As hard as I try to eat only fresh, grass fed, organic foods, there are times that it just isn't possible. Don't despair Keto'ers, there are plenty of decent fast food options. Here's a list of some of my favorite local choices that are totally keto-friendly.


If you should find yourself in no-mans land, just remember to stick to meat, no bun, no breading (this means no frying), veggies (no potatoes). Extra bacon please!


Mc Donalds, Burger king, Wendy's, 5 Guys...

  • Burgers - sans bun of course

  • Grilled Chicken sandwiches - sans bun

Jimmy Johns

  • the "unwhich"


  • burrito bowl - no beans, no rice (see my recipe for a home version recipe)

  • salad


  • grilled chicken

  • salad



  • "make it a salad"

Keto Starbucks options








< Wendy's Double Baconator

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