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Weight Loss FAQ

I am often asked "How did you get started". "How do you find the motivation?" "How long did it take you". Here's the truth, for me. It's usally not easy but that's why it's worth it. I didn't lose weight in a short time, it's taken years - hell I'm still at it! I've fluctuated, failed, fallen off the wagon and started over a million times over. I seem to find the greatest success and constinency when I make a plan and create a habit. How? Like this:

1. Make A Plan

  • Don't say "I'm going to try to do better, or eat less sugar". That's a B.S. goal and a lie and we know it when we tell it to ourselves. It's too broad and open ended.

  • Set a start date - "Monday at 9am is my start date - no cheats"

  • Pick a starting place, make it attainable - "I will no longer consume any processed foods." You can add to your goals later, just get the ball rolling.

2. Do The Legwork

  • Eliminate obstacles - throw away "bad" food, buy new groceries, make a weekly menu...

  • Establish support/accountability - get a friend to join you, tell your husband your plan, start a Facebook challenge - whatever you need to do

3. Commit

  • give it 21 days - this means NO cheats, NO excuses, NO B.S. It's only 21 days, just count them down. I guarantee by the end of the 21 days, you won't quit.

4. Share

This one might be out of your comfort zone but do it anyway. Share your sucess, your stumbles, whatever it may be. The feedback and encouragement go a loooong way.

5. Reward

Each time you hit a goal, set a new one along with a reward. ie: me next goal is 199 lbs and I'm getting a new pair of expensive jeans. Or my next goal is 30 days without sugar and I get a cupcake.

5. Fall Down 8 Times, Get Up 9

You're probably going to fail, fall off the wagon, stall out, get your period...there are a million things that can derail you. It's ok. Let it go, forgive yourself and start again. Make changes to your plan if you need to. Learn as you go along. It's NEVER NOT WORTH IT. Remember where you were and imagine where you're going.

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