Intro to Keto

*I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. The following info has come from my own research and experience. Be sure to do research of your own and consult your doctor before beginning a new diet. I make no promises or guarantees.

What is it?

Keto/Ketogenic/low-carb/LCHF (low carb high fat) are all names for a diet or way of eating that is lower in carbs and higher in fat. You lower or eliminate the intake of carbs, starches, and sugars and increase your intake of protein and fat. A true Ketogenic diet, sometimes referred to as "strict Keto" is consuming less than 20 carbs/day.

Can I really eat MORE fat and lose weight?

Yes! Here's how it works. Your blood sugar stabilizes and your insulin production drops when you cut out starches and carbs. The result is a decrease in hunger and an increase in fat burning since your body turns to fat for energy.

What are the benefits?

More and more studies are showing many positive benefits to this way of eating. In addition to promoting weight loss, it has been linked to treatment of high blood pressure, acne, gut issues, sugar cravings, Diabetes, Migraines, PCOS and even cancer.

What CAN I eat?

The basics are meat, fish, cheese, eggs, and veggies (not ones that grow underground)

For a complete list of foods to eat and avoid CLICK HERE

What CAN'T I eat?

Sugar, grains, and starches such as bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, beans and higher carb starchy veggies, candy, sodas, processed foods, and many fruits (even natural sugar is a no-go).

Can I still drink?

Yup! Water, coffee & tea, most dry wines, and most liquors are all low or no carbs.

Is Keto good for everyone?

Keto may not be right for everyone and you should always check with your doctor before beginning any "diet". Keto may not be recommended for people on medication for high blood pressure or diabetes and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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