Loser Mentality Challenge - Everything You Need to Know

This is my official "before" photo for the November Challenge!

Thinking of joining a challenge? Or maybe you already did! If you're wondering what to do next, this is for you.

Ok, so first of all go read the blogs I posted under the "education" tab. That’s a lot of good beginner info- understanding Keto, what to eat, what not to etc.

2. Stock up on electrolyte water so you don’t get “Keto sick” in the beginning. Look it up if you want to know why it happens. I'll be posting more about this soon.

3. Next, calculate your macros - this is for people who want to lose weight

-Multiply your weight by .6. That’s your target for protein

-Aim for about 10 less than that for fat

- keep your carbs under 20 net grams/day. Net carbs are carbs minus fiber

4. Set up MyFitnessPal or something similar to help track your macros. You may not be able to calculate exactly on the free version but you can get close. That’s all I use. Feel free to follow me on there for extra help. You can also copy all my recipes then too which will give nutrition info on all the meal plans I put up. Search ShanFitClub

I will be posting new meal plans every week so you don’t have to even think about it. This will include a shopping list and all nutrition info as well as the ability to copy them from my MyFitnessPal for easy tracking.

If you want to join the November Challenge with a bunch of us I think there’s still time. It starts today! Go HERE

Lastly, follow #losermentalitychallenge on Instagram for all challenge related info and updates and to post your own progress, food and tips! Also find my Facebook page @coach_shan for more motivation and help.

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