Blackened Salmon with Avocado Cream Sauce

2 Fresh caught salmon fillets (or 1 large filet)

3 T butter

Seasoning Rub

1/4 t chili powder

1/8 t cayenne

1/8 t cumin

1/4 t garlic powder

1/4 t onion powder

1/4 t paprika

1/4 t salt

1/4 t pepper

Avocado Cream Sauce

1/2 very ripe avocado

1/2 t fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 clove minced garlic

1/4 t salt

1/3 C heavy whipping cream

1. Heat butter in skillet to med high heat. Combine all spices and rub into both sides of salmon filet(s). Place salmon in pan and cook 5 minutes or until a dark rust forms. Flip and do the same on the other side. Salmon is done when opaque throughout.

2. Combine all sauce ingredients and mix thoroughly with a fork until smooth. Add a tablespoon of water if you prefer a thinner sauce.

3. Plate salmon, top with avocado sauce and serve.

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