What Can I Eat on a Keto Diet?

A simple breakdown of what to eat and what to ditch.

The ketogenic diet essentially uses your body fat as an energy source – so there are obvious weight loss benefits. On keto, your insulin (the fat storing hormone) levels drop greatly which turns your body into a fat burning machine.

Scientifically, the ketogenic diet has shown better results compared to low-fat and high-carb diets; even in the long term. - https://www.ruled.me/guide-keto-diet/#benefits-of-keto

A low-carb diet is low in carbohydrates, like sugary, pasta, rice and bread and filled with real foods and natural fats, proteins and veggies.

So what CAN I eat?


  • Butter or ghee

  • Avocados

  • Macadamia nuts

  • Coconut butter

  • Cocoa butter

  • Egg yolks

  • Coconut oil, olive oil, MCT oil, or avocado oil

  • Nuts and seeds or nut butter (choose fattier nuts like macadamia nuts or almonds)

  • Fatty fish


  • Beef, preferably fattier cuts like steak, veal, roast, ground beef, and stews.

  • Poultry, including chicken, quail, duck, turkey, and wild game—try to focus on the darker, fattier meats.

  • Pork, including pork loin, tenderloin, chops, ham, bacon, and ground.

  • Fish, including mackerel, tuna, salmon, trout, halibut, cod, catfish, and mahi-mahi.

  • Shellfish, including oysters, clams, crab, mussels, and lobster.

  • Organ meats, including heart, liver, tongue, kidney, and offal.

  • Eggs, including deviled, fried, scrambled, and boiled. Use the whole egg.

  • Lamb

  • Goat

Limited Carbs:

  • Kale

  • Spinach

  • Swiss chard

  • Bok choy

  • Lettuce

  • Radicchio

  • Brussels sprouts

  • Broccoli

  • Onions

  • Bell peppers

  • Asparagus

  • Kohlrabi

  • Celery

  • Cucumber

  • Zucchini

  • Spaghetti squash

  • Cauliflower

Very Limited Fruit:

  • Strawberries

  • Blueberries

  • Raspberries

  • Cherries

  • Cranberries

  • Mulberries


  • Yellow mustard

  • Ketchup without added sugars (or sugar alcohols)

  • Mayonnaise (preferably made from cage-free eggs)

  • Horseradish

  • Hot sauces

  • Worcestershire sauce

  • Sauerkraut without added sugars

  • High-fat salad dressings with low or no added sugars


  • Full-fat yogurts

  • Mayonnaise

  • Heavy cream

  • Sour cream

  • Cottage cheese

  • Cream cheese

  • Hard cheeses like parmesan, swiss, feta, and cheddar

  • Soft cheese like brie, Monterrey jack, mozzarella, and bleu cheese


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