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About Shandra

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Hi, I'm Shandra, the woman behind @losermentality. 

I'm often asked why I chose the handle @losermentality.   I grew up in an environment heavy with domestic violence, alcoholism, and mental health issues, which manifested in my adult life as morbid obesity, trauma, and my very own battle with alcoholism.  To put it bluntly,  I had long believed myself to be "a loser", incapable of real success.

In 2017, at the beginning of my weightloss journey, I created a little Instagram profile under the name @losermentality, to share my journey with like-minded humans and maybe gain some accountability.  It was meant as a play on words, and the first tiny pledge to myself that I would "lose" that old self-limiting "mentality".

Over the last 7 years, that decision led to a whole lot of triumphs and rock-bottoms including sobriety,  a life-altering pregnancy loss in 2018, my successful 115 lb weightloss, numerous appearances on national news and television, and the opportunity to teach, coach, write, and share my story and knowledge with the world. 

I'm a chronic over-sharer because I'm truly LIT UP about teaching you how to do the same work.  If this resonates, take your shoes off and stay awhile.

Much love,
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1:1 Coaching

Are you struggling with self-image, body-confidence, or reaching personal or weightloss goals? I can help you build a plan, knock-out those self-limiting beliefs, and create lasting confidence and change.


Book a FREE discovery session today.

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