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About Shandra

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Hi, I'm Shandra, the woman behind @losermentality. 

I thought I was on a weightloss journey but years and many accomplished goals later, I realized it was never about that and I already had what I was seeking the whole time. 

I grew up in an environment heavy with domestic violence, alcoholism, and mental health issues.  I think we all know enough about trauma to expect that it manifested in my adult life in a myriad of painful ways.  I spent most of my 20's and 30's morbidly obese and abusing alcohol.  I hit a lot of rock-bottoms including a life-altering pregnancy loss in 2018.  Desperation led me to sobriety and 100+ lb weightloss but somehow, I still didn't love myself.  

This is when I started to really dig deep and discover the REAL work.  Many years (and trauma therapy sessions) later, I think I've really done it...I've found lasting peace, forgiveness, tolerable relationship with grief, and REAL and radical self-love.

I'm a chronic over-sharer because I'm truly LIT UP about sharing my story and teaching you how to do the same work.  If this hits a nerve for you, pull up a chair and let's dig in!

Much love,


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