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Join me live every month, where I'll dive into popular topics; sharing guidance, inspiration, motivation, tools, and resources to help you THRIVE!

It took losing 100+ lbs and getting sober to realize that happiness and self-love have nothing to do with the size or shape of your body and cannot be won through achievements.  True and lasting confidence starts as a choice, requires personal responsibility, and is strengthened by daily habits.   

I created these workshops to teach you what I've learned.

If you've ever listened to me speak, you know this is a no-bullshit space.  I'll say and do the hard things to get where I'm trying to go and I'll ask you to do the same.  If that sounds like your jam, let's dive in!

Monday, October 9th, 8pm EST

Upcoming Workshop:

How to Reach BIG Goals
ie: lose weight, get sober, run a marathon,  by shifting self-limiting beliefs and creating supportive habits.


Finally, I'm responding to the most commonly asked question...

"How did you do it?"

Big goals require big shifts.  In this workshop, I will answer your question and share my secrets - the secret to losing 100 pounds, getting sober, and reaching so many other major life goals.


Previous Workshops

                                                                                           - Snag a previous workshop (recording) and all the goodies that came with it.   Download and keep it forever.


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The Building Blocks of Body Confidence for Life

In this workshop, we explore what confidence really is (and isn't) and how to achieve it once and for all. I walk you through several exercises that I call your "life audit" to identify what's working and what's not and start creating the foundation for new habits and beliefs.  You will also receive a beautiful downloadable workbook and a 90-day DAILY JOURNAL to teach the roadmap.

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