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3 Years Sober

Today marks 3 years of sobriety! It’s hard to share this pic but it really paints a picture. It was the night before I was going to try the next day (for the millionth time) to stop drinking. I had been trying for several years and never made it past day 4. I got good and drunk and snapped this pic right before bed. It’s funny because I was sure that I was holding everything together so perfectly. It wasn’t until I had a few weeks of sobriety that I that I started to realize how gravely it was clouding every part of my life. All of the things I believed about it were a lie. It wasn’t calming my anxiety.

My sobriety story (video) part 1:

My sobriety story (video) part 2:

Video from my 1 year date:

This photo is the progression of the first 8 months of my sobriety journey and the physical changes.

Sobriety didn’t mean the end of fun, the loss of relationships or a lifetime of struggle. I can’t speak for everyone who’s chosen sobriety but for me it was the best choice I’ve ever made for myself and I’ve never been happier. And to think I use to think sober people were weird and boring. Ha! #sobriety #sobertribe #soberanniversary


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